Monday, July 18, 2011

Alternative Housing in Sewanee: Brand New Luxury Home Near University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee

Hike Preview-Grundy Forest Day Loop, 2 miles moderate. Friday led by Marietta Poteet and Saturday led by Jim Poteet

This trail into the head of Gizzard Cove meanders through giant hemlocks and offers views of waterfalls, cascades, and the junction of the Big and Little Fiery Gizzard Creeks.

How the creeks got the name Fiery Gizzard is not known for sure. One story says the name originated from an iron-smelting furnace used by the Tennessee Coal & Railroad Company to test the quality of its coke in the 1870's.

Another tale says that Davy Crockett burned his tongue on a hot turkey gizzard while camped along the creek. Still others say the name arose during a peace conference when an Indian chief ripped the gizzard from a recently gutted turkey and threw into the fire to shock the whites that were in attendance.
However the name came about, it is firmly attached to the creeks and the gorge that they flow through, Gizzard Cove.

Here is an interesting blog entry about one person's hike along the trail.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Registration Update

As of 8/1/11 we have about 40 paid registrants. Please note the following regarding availability:

Bishop's Hall--We are sold out of the single queen bed rooms. We have about 7 two-bed rooms (double beds) available. If you are paying for a private room be sure you choose Single Occupancy $60 per night. If you want to share a room choose Double Occupancy at $42 per night per person and be sure you list who you are sharing a room with.
Claiborne Hall: There are 2 single rooms (1 double bed) available and plenty of double occupancy (2 Twin Bed) rooms available.

The RV site is SOLD OUT. There is still plenty of room available in the bunk-style camp cabins and plenty of tent camping sites!

If you have been putting off registering, DON'T WAIT. Rooms are filling quickly.

Hike Preview-Stone Door/Big Creek Rim/Laurel Falls. Saturday, 7 miles moderate, Hike Leader Tony Jones

The Great Stone Door is located in the Savage Gulf State Natural Area near Beersheba Springs, Tennessee. This beautiful ledge overlooking the Savage Gulf is spectacular. The fall colors should be fantastic and views unbelievable.

We will begin our hike behind the Stone Door Ranger station where we will take the short walk to Laurel Falls we will then walk the Stone Door Trail to the Great Door itself. There will be ample opportunity for pictures both on top and if you choose, at the bottom of the Door. The mileage to this point is about 1.5 miles including Laurel Falls.

From the Stone Door we will walk the Big Creek Rim trail and follow the mainly flat trail along the rim's edge to the Alum Campsite about 4 miles away. Here we will relax and have our lunch and there will be a primitive outhouse for those so inclined.

The trail junctions at the campsite and goes down to the Big Creek Gulf Trail with a connector to Greeter Falls. It also continues straight ahead on the Laurel Trail. The Laurel Trail is the last section of our hike. The Laurel Trail, again mainly flat will take us about 2 miles back to the parking lot. This will be a basically easy walking hike, but it is rated moderate due to length and the rugged terrain at the Great Stone Door.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hike Preview- Shakerag Hollow, Friday, 3 miles moderate, Hike Leader Glen Rognstad

Shakerag Hollow Trail lies within the Domain of the University of the South at Sewanee.

This will be a 3 mile out and back hike that is rated moderate due to a steep 300 ft. elevation change. The Civilian Conservation Corps built the trail back in the 30's and some of the old growth forest remains to this day. The trail is a popular hike for wildflower enthusiasts in the spring.
Find out more about University of the South at  more on the entire Perimeter Trail at

Here is an interesting Youtube video of former State Naturalist Mack Prichard in Shakerag Hollow, it's about 10 minutes.

Silent Auction items are beginning to be donated!

Haunted Hikes, Spine Tingling Tales and Trails from North America's National Parks
"Andrea Lankford raises the hair on your neck in this book of spooky spots and ghostly grottoes."  —National Geographic Traveler

"I'll never look at the Grand Canyon the same way again. From now on, I'm sleeping with the lights on!"  —Chuck Sypher, Grand Canyon park ranger


Combining the popularity of ghost stories with the traditional aspects of a park trail guide, these creepy hikes lead courageous climbers and armchair adventurers through some of the scariest, most mysterious places in North America. Thoroughly investigated, yet often tongue-in-cheek, these tales behind the trails include the chupacabra that roams the swamps inside the Big Thicket National Preserve, the execution-style shooting of two General Motors executives at Crater Lake, and the pair of disembodied legs that have been seen running around inside the Mammoth Cave Visitor Center. A fright factor rating is listed for each hike, along with information on trailhead access, maps, and hike difficulty levels. From the wheelchair accessible to multi-day treks into the wilderness, the included trails cover a wide range of hiking abilities and even feature a haunted Louisiana bayou best reached by canoe or kayak.

2011 Registration is going well...

Bishop's Hall- Double Room

We are beginning to receive your registration forms and as of now we have sold out of the few single rooms that were in Bishop's Hall. There are still plenty of double rooms available in Bishop's, as well as dorm-style rooms in Claiborne Hall, tent camping, and bunk house style accomodations.
Camp Cabin

Claiborne Hall

Tent Camping Area