Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Program- Mary Priestley- Hike 'Em All

Hike 'Em All, a new trail guide to South Cumberland State Park funded by a
grant from TTA, will debut at our annual meeting. Author Mary Priestley will
talk about the book Friday, after which copies will be available for purchase for $10. All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to support the park.

South Cumberland is the largest wilderness park in the Tennessee State Park system. Approximately 81 miles of white- and blue-blazed trails run through Savage Gulf, Fiery Gizzard, and all of the other parks that make up the South Cumberland. The 14 day hikes described in the guide cover all of the trails in about 120 miles of hiking.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Self Guided Stroll # 2 University Domain, Sewanee

Sewanee:  The University of the South Campus Walk.

The University, founded in 1857 by Episcopal bishops, is a private, liberal arts institution with around 1,400 students in the College of Arts and Sciences and 100 graduate students in the School of Theology.  After the Civil War Oxford University and Cambridge University donated books for Sewanee’s first library and the university started classes in1868.  The magnificent Gothic buildings, reminiscent of Oxford, were constructed between 1875 and 1915, though the most noted building, All Saints Chapel, was not completed until 1957. Breslin Tower, modeled after Magdalen College, Oxford, is 100 ft. high and contains a Seth Thomas clock and Westminster Chimes.  Shapard  Tower houses the Memorial Carillon. The Tower’s vaulted ceilings are modeled after the medieval cathedrals Chartres and Amiens.  These historic buildings, spacious green lawns and beautiful mature trees make a wonderful outing!

Self Guided Stroll #1 Meadow Trail

Meadow Trail, behind South Cumberland State Park Visitor CenterMonteagle, TN.  2 mile easy loop.  This flat, grassy walk features native Tennessee grasses, wildflowers, understory trees (smooth and winged sumac, dogwood, sourwood etc.) as well as our oaks, hickories, yellow poplars , red maples and Virginia Pine.  (Just to name a few.)  Expect to be wowed by this colorful meadow!

Hike # 4 Cumberland Trail Segment- Saturday, 7:30am

Cumberland Trail-Shackleford Ridge Park to Edwards Point, Signal Mountain; 10.5 miles, moderate. Hike Leaders: CTC General Manager, Tony Hook and Co-Leader Diane Manas.

This hike is an out and back about 10.5 miles in length and rated moderate due to distance and uneven trails. We’ll start from the Shackleford Community playground pavilion and follow a fairly level unused Jeep road for about 1.2 miles to reach Mushroom Rock and the start of this Cumberland Trail Segment.  Mushroom Rock is a spectacular geological formation that stands 30 feet tall and after group photos there we will walk 4 miles through fairly level and extremely pleasant woodlands to the spectacular Edwards Point Overlook.

**Wear sturdy hiking boots and bring your lunch and plenty of water. Also, please bring small bills to pay towards the drivers gas (if you happen to be the driver, riders are expected to cover their share).  Carpool coordinating will take place at 7:30 AM on the DuBose Campus, the drive is one hour each way. ALL TIMES POSTED IN CENTRAL STANDARD TIME

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hike # 12 Grundy Forest Day Loop

This trail into the head of Gizzard Cove meanders through giant hemlocks and offers views of waterfalls, cascades, and the junction of the Big and Little Fiery Gizzard Creeks.
How the creeks got the name Fiery Gizzard is not known for sure. One story says the name originated from an iron-smelting furnace used by the Tennessee Coal & Railroad Company to test the quality of its coke in the 1870's.

Another tale says that Davy Crockett burned his tongue on a hot turkey gizzard while camped along the creek. Still others say the name arose during a peace conference when an Indian chief ripped the gizzard from a recently gutted turkey and threw into the fire to shock the whites that were in attendance.
However the name came about, it is firmly attached to the creeks and the gorge that they flow through, Gizzard Cove.