Monday, August 29, 2011


Our entertainment for the annual meeting will be the group Bazzania.

Bazzania Girls Band  is the creation of botanist Mary Priestley, who is curator of the Herbarium at the University of the South.  Bazzania is a liverwort, a small plant that flourishes in nearby Fiery Gizzard, which is part of the South Cumberland Recreation Area.  Bazzania is the official band of the Friends of South Cumberland, and we love to play at their annual picnic.

The band is made up of: Mary (accordion); April Minkler (bass guitar), Jim Ann Howard (guitar); Suzanne Cahoon (guitar), Betty Carpenter (harmonica & autoharp); Ann Seiters (keyboard); and me (banjo & tenor guitar).  Everyone sings.  Garry Collins is our sound man.  Our repertoire is eclectic, and we perform some original songs.

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