Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hike # 2 Grundy Forest Day Loop, 2:30pm Friday

Grundy Forest Day Loop, Tracy City. 2 miles, moderate. Hike Leader: Marietta Poteet

This trail into the head of Gizzard Cove meanders through giant hemlocks and offers views of waterfalls, cascades, and the junction of the Big and Little Fiery Gizzard Creeks.
How the creeks got the name Fiery Gizzard is not known for sure. One story says the name originated from an iron-smelting furnace used by the Tennessee Coal& Railroad Company to test the quality of its coke in the 1870's.

Another tale says that Davy Crockett burned his tongue on a hot turkey gizzard while camped along the creek. Still others say the name arose during a peace conference when an Indian chief ripped the gizzard from a recently gutted turkey and threw into the fire to shock the whites that were in attendance.
However the name came about, it is firmly attached to the creeks and the gorge that they flow through, Gizzard Cove.

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