Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hike # 18 Greeter Falls, 9:00am, Sunday

Greeter Falls Loop (Upper and lower Greeter Falls, Boardtree Falls, Blue Hole Trail).  4 miles moderate.  Altamont, TN.  Hike Leader Marietta Poteet. 

 This trail combination features upper and lower Greeter Fall and Boardtree Falls and a walk to one of the best views in the natural area (Big Bluff Overlook near Alum Gap.).  The amphitheater of Greeter Falls is unusual, with a thick sandstone layer on top of a more crumbly limestone layer.  Most waterfalls on the plateau spill over hard sandstone that caps layers of softer sandstone or shale  The base of lower Greeter Falls is reached by walking down a metal spiral staircase.  Massive cliffs rise up along the trail pass Boardtree Falls.  The scenery is outstanding and the forest is lush . Portions of the trail are rocky

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