Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hike # 9 Old Stone Fort, 8:15am, Saturday

Old Stone Fort State Archeological Park.  4 miles easy to moderate.  Manchester,TN.  Hike Leader Bob Goodwin. 

 This prehistoric site is located where two forks of the Duck River cascade off the Highland Rim on their way to the Central Basin.  Between  the forks of the Duck and Little Duck Rivers is a  plain lined in places by an earthen wall.  One theory was that the earthen wall was an early Native American fortification.  Hence the name Old Stone Fort.  However, U.T. anthropologists have concluded the walls set aside a place of spiritual significance.  The oldest section of the wall was built in 30 A.D. The core of the wall is made of limestone rocks.  The rocks are covered with chert and earth fill.  This hike passes through an impressive old forest along bluffs overlooking the cascading forks of the Duck River.  On this hike you will see cliffs, rivers, huge trees, waterfalls and cascades.  The park’s museum offers displays and programs about the site, about archeology in general, and about Native American culture. 

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